Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Fight Night Round One Vane v Dev

This is a little early but I am going out tomorrow... first day of the holidays PAARTAAY! I hope you enjoy this fun take on fantasy fight night, if it is a hit we will post more.

Minxy xx

"Innnnnn the red corner and sporting the Bearsy Sponsored chain-mail thong Vane Kattalkis. Innnnnnnn the blue corner and wearing angelic Fur Panties; Dev Pelier. I want this to be a good clean fight," Minx looked at the mud pool, "at least no biting or gouging, each round will be scored, marks will be deducted for screaming like a girl and awarded for flashing bits and bobs. Now boys I have my whip to keep you in check, after 3 FIGHT!" With the flash of her whip Minx shouted three and jumped out of the way. Grabbing the mike she continued with her commentary.

"Ready? Whoa! Dev Peltier starts up his attack on the wolf, flinging himself acoss the mud pool and taking them both down with a splash, ladies I am certain he will pay for your dry cleaning bill, Bearsy... BEARSY! Jamzangel get her out of the ring and tie her to the seat. Ow Dev the bear did not see that coming, Vane just flipped him over his shoulder and he came down with a thud, but he is up again, and down again. That mud must have been slippery, Vane is on the attack again and he too slips on the mud, they are both down and Bearsy is trying to enter the ring. I think she has hold of Dev's, wow yes she does, for those listening the crowds cheer as she rips of Dev's fur panties. Ok Vane hand yours over, just to keep things fair. Thank you.

"Great left hook from Dev caught Vane unawares, the crowd is booing, whilst others scream come on Dev! It's pandemonium in here dear listeners, you should be here. An upper cut from Vane has them both knocked to the floor where they continue to mud wrestle. The crowd are on their feet screaming as Vane straddles Dev and begins to punch the bear. That is Dev bear not Bearsy Bear, although she is straining against the handcuffs and trying to get into the ring with them.

"Wait, Vane is on his feet, arms raised in triumph, yes ladies, Dev Peltier has taken a pounding and lies subdued in the mud. Some of the crowd have run into the ring to rescusitate him and are carrying him away with them, don't hurt him girls I have to return him later. Wait... where has Vane gone?" Minx turned and looked at the broken chair and handcuffs, "Bearsy, you'd better bring him back unharmed!

"Well lovely listeners, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Friday Night Fight Night, next week we will have Rehv v Rhage! Minx out!"


jaymzangel said...

LMAO! a fantastic fight, I love how I'm on bearsy wrangling duty =D she is a durty bitch trying to crawl into the ring while they're fighting

SusiSunshine said...

Love it!!!! OMFG, I had to laugh so hard.
Keep them coming girls!

Minx said...

Thanks! Happy friday! I guess I'd better start working on next weeks!

Sparklybearsy said...

HEE!! i love it Julesy, you know me so well ;)I helped Vane reaaal good =D

Oooo next weeks fight looks to be spectacular! Dibs on being Rhages towel girl ^_^

adrienne said...

I'm new here, I loved this what a great introduction as I'm a Vane Girl LOL. Next week The Rehverand and Rhage awwww can only be one for me. Rehv:) mmmmmm delicious, can't wait to read.

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