Sunday, 13 December 2009

Book Boyfriend meme!!

Firstly let me say Hello Fellow Gutter Girls! This is our first Book Boyfriend meme all about our favourite subject: OUR BOOK BOYFRIENDS!

If you're in any way offended by smutty durty talk, then this isn't the meme for you, but take a seat, we'll soon have you loosened up,We have access to Vishous and his table ;) *SQUEE*


1. Be open and honest, you're among fellow gutter minds, what you say isn't anything we haven't already thought before =D

2. Tag 2 people you think would make a great Gutter Girl and come back and link us so we can see your meme. Or post your answers in the comment box :)

3. Post a smutty image you see as you and your fave book boyfriend

4. Have durty smexi gutter minded FUN!

Aaand here is my contribution to the Smut, a nice...smexi...WALLING!!!

sexy couple Pictures, Images and Photos


1. Who is numero uno book boyfriend right now ?
I cannot choose just one. Just like shoes i have diff book boyfriends for diff days =D

2. What's been your favest book boyfriend smexi scene ?
Hmm..I have sooo many! Team Qhuay's first kiss...YUM! Vishous' table. YUM! Reyes domming and sexing from behind...RAWR!! but the one that came to mind right away was Wrath chasing down Beth (BDB) in a extra scene you can find on JR WARDS site, he's all hungry running after her and he catches her, cuts off her panties and shags the brains out of her! HAWTness!!!

3. Share a fantasy about one of your BBs.
Only one? Hmmmm...which BB to choose for my fantasy?? *grin* Well the bovious one would be to go with Vishous and his table, aided smexily by John Matthew and Qhuinn...but i like the fantasy of Roarke, his million dollar helicopter, a blindfold and a can of squirty cream ;)

4. So you say you're gutterminded, but are you out and proud about your smexi book boyfriend thoughts ?
Hells YES! i tell everyone i have book boyfriends, it takes another smutty book lover to understand. I must be out and proud, or someone else will claim my boys!

5. Which 2 BBs would you menage with ?
Feck, only two?! ok, i will pick teams of two...that way i can have many *grin* First Vishous and Qhuinn, oh yeah baby, im kinking it! Then i'd have Acheron and Vane, oh gawds, i think my brain just exploded!

6. Which BB do you find the most romantic?
They all have their own romantic qualities, i gotta have a love story attached to all that smexi time too, but by far my boy Roarke is Mr Romance, he makes my heart do backflips with how intense he is.

7. Which BB would you leave your BF/Hubby for ?
Any and All =)

8. Who writes the best guys to lust after ?
Oh another toughie Question, 'cus all my author bitches rock hard in the book boyfriend writing skill department. The one who makes my panties squeal with the guys she writes is JR WARD, Seriously that woman dipped into my head and wrote menz i adore! But i gotta mention too Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Keri Arthur, Maya Banks, Wendy Rosnau, Diana Palmer, Ava Gray, Lauren Dane

9. Honestly if there's a smexi guy on a book cover is that enough to make you buy it ?
Nope. Im a smutty gutterminded bitch who needs a good story to go with the smexiness of a hot cover, i can however take my time oggling and drooling over the hot cover =)

10. Which FUTURE book boyfriend are you most looking forward to?
I forever look forward to anything to do with ROARKE! but....*lil squeal* Lover Mine due out middle of next year, John Matthew, and newest book boyfriends will be starring in much of my thoughts, plus we'll see all the other brothers, what more can a girl want?!

11. Do you like a bit of kinky in your BB, if so, give deets ?
I like ALOT of kinky. I wasn't into the whole gimp mask ball gags and candle wax until i saw it on Vishous' table, it made my hormones sit up with a WOAH we gotta try that! Love reading menages (Maya Banks and Lauren Dane write HAWT ones) and M/M lovens...yes please!

12. Turn ons in a BB?
Tall, nicely built, deep voice, broody, hung like a horse...haha yes i said it! you know you want that to. No pencil dicks need apply tyvm! Smexi time adventurous, Some kind of paranormal power. All HAWT turn ons. And if he's a vamp im a wet noodly puddle with his first bite.

13. Once a book has finished have you had smexi thoughts about your BB ?
Of course! If ive loved a book alot it often stays in my mind for days, I read "Night Play" by Sherrilyn Kenyon 10 times before i returned it to the library, Vane was in many smexi thoughts that week ;)

14. How slutty are you: Do you ditch an old BB for a new one ?
Hells NO! i keep all my BBs, i have a giant harem to shower them in bearsy loves and attentions!

And now to tag!

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SparklyBearsy xox


Minx said...

w00t our first meme... *fluffs Bearsy* Love the questions and I have to say I love your sandwich choice!

jaymzangel said...

ohhhh baby, V/Qhuinn, Ash/Vane *spontaneously combusts* that is my idea of heaven right there. I'm with ya on #8, Ward writes the HOTTEST menz. I really must read the Rourke books, I feel I am missing out. my TBR pile is approaching mountain range status =P fab meme, bt *smooch*

Sparklybearsy said...

Tis a sammich id never tire of *grin* Id be squealing for more!

and yay too on our first meme =D

Sparklybearsy said...

@jaymzangel yes yes oh fork YES read Roarke, do it NOW NOW NOW!!!!!! he is pantie meltingly delish!

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